All resources are purchased new unless there is specific reason not to do so. They are researched and evaluated on the basis of safety (i.e. non toxic finishes, dangerous or loose small parts), are age appropriate and contribute to an early learning philosophy while entertaining and providing a satisfying experience for the child. Many of our resources have a sequential complexity and children benefit from the experience as their minds develop.

Resources are selected on the basis of stimulating the imagination while contributing to principles of literacy, numeracy and logic. Our resources are varied in terms of size, colour, texture, complexity and methodology in which they deliver their purpose and are: reviewed annually, replaced progressively and rotated regularly. We strongly promote the use of natural resources throughout our centres and where appropriate, purpose-built resources that offer children experiences that can’t be found in nature. Each of our Centres also has an extensive library and parents are invited to borrow from them so they can assist with picture showing, storytelling and the beginnings of reading at home.




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